Do you like dressing up in ridiculous costumes? Pumping out ludicrous dance moves in the early hours of the morning? Or just chilling out with friends around a disgustingly large portion of mashed potato and toad in the hole? Then the sailing social scene needs YOU.

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Inspired by this ancient club, steeped in tradition and ritual, sparkly corsets, questionable social goals and not a little cross dressing your social secretary, Jakob Dowling, will be laying on a delectable smorgasbord of weekly events ranging from the raucous sinner sports and Megalash to a more chilled out movie night or pub quiz.

“That’s a lot of socialising” I hear you say, “But I’m not sure it’s enough for me” I hear you sigh. Jakob isn’t finished with you yet, because in addition to all this revelry the sailing club will also be kicking off fresher’s week with the Garden Party and Sinners. Then celebrating the Yule Tide with the very messy Christmas Dinner and obligatory festive jumper. And finally rounding off your year with the summer Sports Ball where you’ll have the opportunity to out dance every other sportsperson in the university.

If you have any questions, email Jakob on


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