Get Involved 2015

We’re always keen to get new people out on the water – whether you’re a novice, or just new to our club, this is the page to find out how to get involved over the course of the year!


Where can I find out what you’re up to?
The best way to keep up to date with our activities besides this website is our mailing list. We aim to send out one email a week during term time, and a few over the holidays.

I’ve never sailed before. Does the club have anything to offer me?
Yes we do! We’re keen to get beginners trained up so they can join our teams and get more involved with the club – and because sailing is an awesome sport! Keep an eye on our website and mailing list for announcements about upcoming courses and trips where you can pick up some skills and qualifications.

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What kit do I need?
You don’t need any to begin with! The club has wetsuits and some sailing boots which you can borrow. People who sail frequently at St Andrews will often get their own kit. We’d recommend you wait until your arrival before you invest too much in gear, though if you already have some definitely bring it along.

How much does it cost?
Full membership costs £35 for the year, or £20 per semester. Social membership only is £20 for the year. You must buy your membership online. We are affiliated to the town sailing club so our full membership also includes membership with them, allowing us to enter their events and hire boats from them. Trips are at additional cost, though we try to keep costs as low as we can. Team members make a contribution towards fuel costs when they go training, and also towards entry fees, though these are heavily subsidised by the university.

I can’t find the answer to my question on your website.
Then please don’t hesitate to email us on!

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