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7532eb_b2f83cec502541e8a359a81325f71816.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzCommodore: Billy Trend
4th Year, Computer Science
Sailing club credential: Most likely to spin.
Favourite sailing club moment: Amorous encounter in an Aberdeen chip shop.


7532eb_2fab825c8db942e4b4f0e9d1cb8074fb.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzSecretary: Ellie McCourt
3rd Year, Medicine
Sailing club credential: Most likely to get in an argument with the umpire.
Favourite sailing club moment: Jakob squealing like a girl whilst capsizing.



Crusing Officer: Lizzie Bakewell
2nd Year, Chemistry





Training Officer: Douglas Wheel
2nd Year, Physics and Chemistry
Sailing club credential: Serial mingler



7532eb_8a10674afc2846eca51f7d6b0c9ddf32.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzTreasurer: Rebecca Daves
3rd Year, Economics and IR
Favourite sailing club moment: Ceilidhing at SSS Champs 2014



7532eb_69bb8710d1664511bc12e06d62eaae06.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzSafety Officer: Jasmine Hansen
3rd Year, Geology





Development Officer: Ellery Sever
3rd Year, History
Sailing club credential: Inventor of the term “He’s got the Deep Six”.
Favourite sailing club moment: Staying until close, the bathroom bank transfer, and witnessing the smooth-rolling spaniel in action.

7532eb_60bff0ec3f06415d9ede2e569031dba4.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzTown Club Representative: Anneka Thomson
4th Year, Modern History and IR
Sailing club credential: Keenest member.
Favourite sailing club moment: “I LOVE SAILING”



7532eb_327aa8ecda4147d089aa074bf3cc4d17.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzSocial Secretary: Jakob Dowling
3rd Year, Economics and Statistics
Sailing club credential: Dance battler.
Favourite sailing club moment: Scraping ice off boats before going sailing.


7532eb_06f2dff9d4e54723a00b89e90506d4b2.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzYacht Captain: Josh Bather
5th Year, Astrophysics




7532eb_e680f40b38044a58a019435be32012df.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzRace Captain/First Year Rep: Ollie Reiff-Musgrove
2nd Year, Chemistry




7532eb_83ca8ab6f14946c79c015db8d1f38ac5.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzPostgraduate Rep: Jack Gebhard
MLitt, Modern History




7532eb_4720bb0ce99f418ba49bae841f6a3e0b.jpg_srz_p_200_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz Rear Commodore: Julia Scott
Physics BSc (Hons) 2015
Sailing club credential: Dog lover
Favourite sailing club moment: Being left behind after her first ever team practice
2015-16 Committee

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What we do:

The Commodore is ultimately responsible for the affairs of the Club and accordingly shall be its official spokesman. The Commodore shall chair all General meeting and Committee Meetings, assist other Committee Members with their duties, and liaise with external bodies.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs of the club. The treasurer must ensure club finances abide by this constitution.

The Secretary shall take the minutes of the Committee meetings, keep a register of members and deal with all general correspondence. Responsibilities also include sending a weekly email to ordinary members and maintaining the club’s website.

The Safety Officer shall ensure all club sailing is safe and responsible. The officer shall ensure the Safety Policy is relevant and enforced. They are responsible for all Safety Equipment, including the Rib, first aid kits and buoyancy aids. They shall ensure that the club fleet is in a good working condition. This includes the Fireflies and Hobie cat. The Safety Officer is also responsible for the boatshed and ensuring it is kept in a condition which allows a safe practice to be withheld.

The Race Captain is responsible for all dinghy-racing events, and is session leader for all race training sailing sessions. The officer shall train and select teams for the scheduled racing events. For race training in which the Race Captain is absent, the Race Captain must appoint a qualified session leader. They are responsible for booking transport for training sessions and competitions and ensuring that transport bookings guidelines are adhered to.

The Yachting Captain is responsible for all yacht and keelboat racing events. The Yachting Captain is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of all training sessions, including the trial and team selection processes. The Yachting Captain will also handle all competition entries. They are responsible for booking transport for training sessions and competitions and ensuring that transport bookings guidelines are adhered to.

The Cruising Officer is responsible for organising both term-time cruising events and the club’s Annual Summer Cruise. They will organise training courses for yachting qualifications if deemed desirable by the committee.

The Training Officer is responsible for organising all instructional dinghy sailing. The officer shall be responsible for organising the yearly Galloway trip during the first semester and then a second training course during the second semester. For any instructional sessions in which the Training Officer is absent, the Training Officer must appoint a qualified session leader.

The Social Secretary shall deal with all aspects of the Club’s social activities, including the organisation of larger events such as the End of Year Dinner and Christmas Dinner. Responsibilities include organising a weekly social each Wednesday and ensuring that social members’ views are taken into consideration by the club’s committee.

The Town Club Representative is responsible for ensuring a good relationship and effective communication between our club and the St Andrews Sailing Club. They will attend all St Andrews Sailing Club committee meetings, and be the point of contact between the two clubs. They will attend all suitable Town Club sailing sessions and ensure access to boats for ordinary members. They are also the point of contact for all matters relating to the Mairi Bhan and will liaison between the club and the St Monans Harbour User Group. Responsibilities include representing all beginners and social sailing ordinary club members’ views and ensuring that the club’s activities cater for their needs. They are tasked with liaising with the Training Officer to organise suitable sessions for beginners and social sailors.

The Development Officer shall maintain and solicit outside sponsorship, and will also be responsible for organising club kit. They are responsible for contacting Alumni and keeping them informed of the club’s activities. For fundraising, they are responsible for procuring a source of income for the club which does not stem from ordinary members.

The First Year Representative shall represent the interests of first year students. It is the First Year Representative’s responsibility to advertise and notify various media of the club’s activities. This includes upkeep of the Club’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account, and ensuring the club enjoys suitable coverage in the AU newsletter and other journalism. They will be free to take up projects that are in the club’s interest.

The Post Graduate representative shall represent the interests of post graduate students and will be free to take up projects that are in the club’s interest. They are responsible for ensuring that social sailing sessions cater for the needs of post graduate students. An ordinary post graduate member will only be elected to this position if no other post-graduate student holds a position on the committee.

The Rear Commodore shall sit on the Committee in an advisory role and shall help other members of the Committee where deemed necessary by the Commodore. This is a non-elected position.


Previous Committees

Commodore: Julia Scott
Treasurer: Rebecca Daves
Secretary: Ellie McCourt
Safety Officer: Sarah Alexander
Yacht Captain: Josh Bather
Race Captain: Ellery Sever
Training Officer: Billy Trend
Vice Training Officer: Anneka Thomson
Bosun: John Weaver
Mairi Bhan Officer: Simon Kay
Social Secretary: Jakob Dowling
First Year Representative: Ollie Reiff-Musgrove
Postgraduate Representative: Jack Gebhard
Rear Commodore/Crusing Officer: Rosie Tasker

Commodore: Rosie Tasker
Treasurer: Rachel Offer
Secretary: Julia Scott
Safety Officer: Benjamin Wilcox
Yacht Captain: Will Carlough
Race Captain: Sarah Alexander
Training Officer: Billy Trend
Bosun: John Weaver
Mairi Bhan Officer: Simon Kay
Press and Sponsorship/Cruising Officer: Spencer Bienvenue
Social Secretaries: Rosy Dunning & Peter Burnett
First Year Representative: Ellery Sever
Postgraduate Representative: James Ord
Rear Commodore: Alex Rancourt

Commodore: Alex Rancourt
Treasurer: Rosie Tasker
Secretary: Billy Trend
Safety Officer: Peter Burnett
Cruising Officer: Charlotte Branfield
Yacht Captain: Will Carlough
Bosun / Race Captain/ Rear Commodore: Ben Wilcox
Train Officer: Simon Kay
Social Sec. : Anna Bray & Charlie Coultard
First Year Rep : Spencer Bienvenue

Commodore: Ben Wilcox
Secretary: Marconi De Souza Filho
Treasurer: Alex Rancourt
Race Captain: Maria Ciccotelli
Yachting Captain: Alice Meaden
Safety Officer: Philippe Beaulieu B. / Paul White
Training Officer: Charlotte Branfield
Cruising Officer: Robert Lemeur
Press and Alumni Officer: Shelley Talbot
Social Secretary: Claire Hamer
First year rep: Maurice Bryson
Post-Grad Rep: Piotr Gołębiecki
Rear Commodore: Alex Koester

Commodore: Alex Koester
Secretary: Tobes Merriman
Treasurer: Amy Scott & Robert LeMeur
Race Captain: Ben Wilcox
Yachting Captain: Ned Horneffer
Safety Officer: Kara Wilcox
Training Officer: Alex Rancourt
Cruising Officer: Alex Nicholson
Press and Alumni Officer: Katie Mechie & Amy Scott
Social Secretary: Maria Ciccotelli
First year rep: Nick Froy
Post-Grad Rep: Philippe Beaulieu B.
Rear Commodore: Carolyn Witkewicz

Commodore: Carolyn Witkewicz
Secretary: Tobes Merriman
Treasurer: Alun John
Race Captain: Alex Exstrom
Yachting Captain: Ross Watson
Safety Officer: Alex Koester
Training Officer: Alice Meaden
Cruising Officer: Ailie Knox
Press and Alumni Officer: Maria Ciccotelli
Social Secretary: Emma Bickett and Tess Herzenberg
Bosun: Tam McTavish
First year rep: Ben Wilcox
Rear Commodore: Amy Scott

Commodore: Amy Scott
Secretary: Katie De Rego
Treasurer: Hannah Steaggles
Race Captain: Craig Paul
Yachting Captain: Ross Watson
Safety Officer: Tam McTavish
Training Officer: Alun John
Press and Sponsorship Officer: Carolyn Witkewicz
Social Secretary: Lewis Johnston and Emma Bickett
Race Bosun: Alex Koester
General Bosun: Mal Stewart
First year rep: Alice Meaden
Rear Commodore: Nigel Mycock

Commodore: Nigel Mycock
Secretary: Dawn Amey
Treasurer: Bradshaw Hawkins
Race Captain: Craig Paul
Yachting Captain: Amy Scott
Safety Officer: Kirsty Scott
Training Officer: Alun John
Press and Sponsorship Officer: Izaak Vervliet
Social Secretary: Lewis Johnston
Bosun: Caroline Guenther
First year rep: Michael Gorzkowski
Rear Commodore: Anna Pohle

Commodore: Anna Pohle

Commodore: Chris Berry

Commodore: Ailsa Weatherall
Captain: Chris Berry

Commodore: Cat Kennedy
Captain: Andrew Bone

Commodore: Sam Wright
Captain: Andrew Bone

Captain: Colin Sinclair

Commodore: John Foster

Commodore: David Holt